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Welcome to Ckosmic Surgical Center an organization that is dedicated to treating obesity and spreading awareness about its causes and effects. Ckosmic offers wide range of surgical solutions for Obesity and Metabolic surgery.


Established by Dr Amit Sood. Even more heartening is the fact that our patients have been able to lose up to 50 – 85% of their excess weight within a period of 2 years. All this coupled with the level of care, unwavering respect for the patient confidentiality/ privacy and professionalism has made us the center of choice to have bariatric surgery performed.


At Ckosmic, we are committed to providing all our patients with enduring support over the course of this life changing journey. We understand that obesity is a debilitating disease of the mind, body and spirit and must be addressed holistically to achieve long term success. Ckosmic is the only center in India that performs its own Endoscopies.


Our nutritional counselors will collaborate with you prior to surgery and on a more involved basis in the weeks and months following your procedure. In addition to this, we also have reputed multidisciplinary team of psychiatrists (all patients require to undergo a mandatory evaluation as part of their assessment),paediatrician, anesthesiologists, endocrinologists, cardiologists, intensivists, gynecologists, orthopedic, plastic surgeons etc. Who provide our patients with comprehensive evaluations and consultations as needed. As part of our program we also have dedicated support groups for patients to help them come to terms with and also relate their post operative experiences with other patients.


Our team at Ckosmic is comprised of highly motivated and qualified medical and management professionals. Besides being highly experienced every team member is dedicated to providing holistic care and weight loss solutions for patients of every age from kids to adults.



Weight Loss Solutions

We provide you with unique solutions to loose those extra inches which include diet and exercise, gastric balloon and bariatric surgery, you can opt for any.

Laparoscopic Surgery

Laparoscopy is an operation performed in the abdomen or pelvis through small incisions (usually 0.5–1.5 cm) with the aid of a camera. It can either be used to inspect


To offer our patients truly global healthcare at Ckosmic, we are constantly innovating and researching the latest techniques from around the world.

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