Can we not lose weight by just dieting and exercise?

Diet and exercise may work to a certain limit but they cannot go beyond, perhaps 5-10% of the excess body weight. However, it is very difficult to sustain this due to the compensatory hormonal changes in the body which physiologically try to bring back the weight.


Will I have loose skin after surgery?

After weight loss surgery weight loss is gradual. You will lose 80% of weight over a span of 8-12 months. Skin loosening or sagging is not seen in young patients and in elderly patients the chances are less than 6%. Exercise & proper nutrition can prevent loose skin. We offer our patients proper weight training programs post-surgery which helps them to maintain a toned body.


If I eat more after surgery, can I still lose weight?

 After surgery, the capacity to eat is reduced as satiety is achieved with lesser quantity of food. A proper well-balanced diet and exercise is required. But to maintain the weight loss after 12-18 months post-surgery and to stay fit and in proper shape, proper follow-ups are mandatory and advisable for the patients who have undergone the surgery for a healthy and fit body.


How much the surgery cost?

 The cost of bariatric surgery varies from patient to patient depending on lot of factors like the type of surgery chosen, associated co-morbidities, multi-port or single port, the stay at hospital (room rent, duration) etc. At Ckosmic we offer these surgeries at a very reasonable cost as compared to other centres across the globe.


Why only gastric bypass for high BMI Diabetics?

Gastric bypass more effective treatment for the patients who are morbidly obese with type2diabetes on insulin than any other procedures. In this procedure the small intestine along with pancreas helps to restore glucose homeostasis which in turn helps to decrease/ normalise the blood sugar levels.


Will I not be able to eat throughout the life after undergone the surgery?

After surgery one has to follow 1-month diet plan as advised depending upon the type of surgery which in general comprise of 10-15 days of liquid diet, followed by 10-11 days of soft diet. After 20-25 days you will be able to eat regular food in lesser quantities as the satiety comes easily. 


How long I have to stay in hospital after surgery?

2-3 days stay is required for the patient who has undergone weight loss surgery to be closely monitored by the staff and doctor.


Will it bring any change to my lifestyle?

Bariatric surgery has a significant impact on a person’s overall lifestyle from physical appearances to good eating habits, boost confidence, a better and a longer quality of life due to remission of comorbidities like hypertension, diabetes, sleep apnoea, joint pain etc.


Will it leave any scar on my body?

To offer our patients truly global healthcare at Ckosmic, we are constantly innovating and researching the latest techniques from around the world. One such path breaking procedure we offer our patients before any other center in Asia is SILS or Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery. It’s a minimally invasive procedure that only requires a single incision in the navel and leaves the patient with no visible scars post-surgery. Thanks to SILS, our patients experience less post –surgical pain, an extremely short hospital stay, quicker recovery time and minimal scarring. Having the desired skills and being the finest surgical team in Asia to perform this highly challenging technique has earned us the reputation of being – ‘The SILS Experts’.


How much time will it take the whole procedure to complete after I decide that I have to go for it?

A minimum period of 5-7 days is required after a person decides to undergo the surgery. In this period, we need to run some medical investigations like blood tests, ultrasounds, ECG, chest X-Ray and 2d ECO to rule out any medical condition and nutritional deficiencies. A patient fitness from medical specialist/anaesthetist and cardiologists before the surgery.


Why should I get it done?

Bariatric surgery or obesity surgery or weight loss surgery is the most effective and trusted procedure for a long-term weight loss goal. Moreover, it can reduce your risk of potentially life-threatening weight-related health problems, including: Heart disease and stroke. It has been seen that a surgery can resolve many health problems like type2 diabetes, high cholesterol. Sleep apnoea, joint pain and infertility.


What type of complications involved in surgery?

Bariatric procedures are generally safe and effective, but can be associated with complications like bleeding, infections etc. At Ckosmic utmost care is taken to ensure patient’s safety to avoid these complications. And if case it happens, our team is skilled enough to handle it timely and have favourable outcome. It is required to maintain proper follow-ups and take care of your nutrition and consult your doctor immediately in case if any medical problem you are confronting after surgery.


Will I be able to give birth/ conceive after surgery?

The chances of conceiving and getting pregnant after bariatric surgery are most likely improves. Obesity actually leads to Infertility and hormonal imbalance, while post-surgery chances to conceive are higher.  It is advised to wait minimum 1-1.5 years for a family planning after surgery, to let your weight be stabilised.


Is there any recurrent cost or follow up cost in addition to the cost of surgery?

At Ckosmic we provide follow up consultation with surgeon/ nutritionist/ psychologists as when needed free of cost. Only cost of investigation when needed on follow ups and multivitamins are to be borne by the patient.


Can one can die after bariatric surgery?

Every surgery somehow involves a certain amount of risk.  The risk of dying early from an obesity-related health issue is much greater than surgery. Weight loss surgery is about transformation, giving a new life not only to the person who is affected but also transforming the life of the people associated with the person. Choosing an experienced surgeon and hospital is very important with multiple specialities with all the medical facilities.


Our motto “There is no bigger honour in the world for a human being than to be trusted with another human’s wellbeing.

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