AYKAI Hospital

Aykai is an ode to God, literally means “THE ONE”
Aykai Hospital a unit of Aulakh healthcare aims to provide best healthcare solutions to the society. Our healthcare offerings are supported by the team of highly skilled medical professionals with great experience, who have expertise in their respective fields. Aykai hospital is serving the society with its world class facilities and has the privilege for quality medical & surgical treatment revolutionizing the medical treatment in India. The main focus of the hospital is on excellence, in patient care and innovation.

Our passionate medical staff works together to provide holistic care to the patient for their wellbeing. At Aykai hospital every employee has one goal in mind that “Being an Aykai family member it is our moral duty and responsibility to perform our duties with honesty and diligence when it comes to patient care. It is aptly said that “Innovation is thinking in new possibilities” We believe in innovating and improvising which gives us a boost to accomplish our goals.


Aykai Hospital’s outstanding reputation in its industry is fueled by an instinctive devotion to a unique set of values. This statement of values defines and communicates those guiding, motivating philosophies that have led us to distinction.

  • Advanced Treatments and Expert Care for Every Patient.
  • Nationally Recognized Expertise and Care.
  • State-of-the-Art Surgery.
  • Advanced Technology for You.
  • Our values place patient dignity and respect at the heart of everything we do.
  • High Patient Satisfaction/Outcomes.
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