Post -surgical care department

 Post-surgery care is as important as the surgery itself. At Ckosmic, we believe in a medically sound, sustainable and holistic approach that is tailored for each patient. We don’t just help you lose weight when you are with us. We give the tools and understanding your need to keep losing weight and stay fit when you are on your own. Regular follow up is the key to your weight loss goal after bariatric surgery. After surgery, you are expected to meet the doctor and the team at least 3 times in the first year with your reports and once every year thereafter. There are many changes pertaining to your lifestyle, dietary habits, exercise schedule etc that need constant support and counselling. It has been seen that patients who follow up regularly tend to get better results.

To know more about nutrition after post-surgery please go to nutritional department.

Our motto “There is no bigger honour in the world for a human being than to be trusted with another human’s wellbeing”.

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